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3 Risks of Using Generic Ink on a Copier

Generic ink is the type of ink that is compatible with the brand of the copier machines and printers; it’s also the kind that is refilled and remanufactured. It’s cheaper and environmentally friendly at times. There are some benefits to this type of ink.

Those benefits are that it’s affordable when you’re starting a business. If your brands of copiers and printers are Canon, Lexmark, HP, or Samsung, then it’s easier to buy generic ink because there are many for those kinds of brands.

Another benefit of using generic ink is that it has the high and same printing quality as genuine and original ink.

Even having benefits, it has many risks and damages if you purchase generic ink for your copier.

Leasing or buying a copier for your company and business is not the hard part, and it’s choosing the equipment and spare parts of your copier. And choosing an ink can be a tough decision.

Before purchasing one, we will give you three of the biggest risks when you are using generic ink on a copier:

3 Biggest Risks

1. It leaks

With generic ink, it’s a liquid ink, but when it’s remanufactured and refilled countless times, it can leak out of the cartridge and will damage your copier.

Usually, it’s the old generic ink that has been used a lot of times is the ones that will cause leaking damage. With genuine ink, it’s also liquid, but it’s original and new; that’s why it doesn’t have many risks.

People also prefer solid ink to liquid, so they worry less about the damage it may cause to their copier. If you don’t want your generic ink to leak, always find a reliable source to find good, branded ink.

2. Fake ink

Yes, some scammers sell fake generic ink. The number one thing to do before purchasing a generic ink is to find a reliable and legitimate source and supplier. Never go on a whim that if you buy generic ink anywhere, that is affordable for you, it will be okay, but it’s not. It will cause a lot of damages for you and your business.

Fake ink cartridges will harm your copier or printer, and not only will it harm your copier, but people and the environment also because of the toxicity and particles of the fake ink.

You will also know it’s fake when the copy of the paper or its print has low and poor quality. Again, before purchasing one, research your source and supplier and pay attention to the reviews because fake generic inks are out there.

3. Non-branded ink cartridges

There’s a reason why generic ink is also called compatible ink; it’s only compatible with branded copiers and printers you have chosen. So if that generic ink doesn’t align with your branded copier, then it will likely be damaged.

You should pick a generic ink designed for the copier you will lease or buy so it won’t have any future risks. If you want to choose non-branded or original inks, then choose genuine ink.

You have to be careful when purchasing one because once you buy it and it’s not compatible with your copier or printer, then the cost of repairs will increase. So consider which brand of copier you want, then you can purchase one.

Overall, if purchasing generic ink is what you want, you can do that because it will be less expensive if you’re just starting your business, and it’s refillable, so you won’t buy a lot of ink cartridges. 

But always look into the ink manufacturer and supplier. Use your resources and trust your instinct once you found a supplier that knows about ink cartridges.

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