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Is It Still Worth It To Rent A Copier in 2021?

Time flew so fast despite what we all went through last year. COVID-19 had an impact on everyone’s lives. Thanks are to God as we’re still up and well. Be thankful for your business. 

Copiers are valuable and are often expensive. Selecting the right equipment that best fits your needs is quite hard sometimes. It’s a decision that will affect your business in the long run. 

Once you found the right product, you should decide: should you buy or lease the equipment? With the present demands, will a copier lease in 2021 be worth it? 

Let me present to you the different perks of copier leasing services. They never get old, never change; hence still applicable this 2021. 

  • Lower upfront costs. Most firms avail copier leasing because of this reason. You can get the best product for your needs without cash. It is useful for small businesses that do not have a lot of flow since you can keep your money. The money you saved can proceed to other areas of business that need improvement.
  • Predictable Monthly Expenses. Copier leasing in Overland Park allows you to spread out your budget over some time. You will have a predetermined cost; it’ll promote healthy budgeting on your end.
  • Free services. A copier lease payment usually includes the fees for standard maintenance and repair. Your copier leasing provider will be handling this on your behalf.
  • Ability to upgrade. Technology changes fast, and it could render your copier outdated. You may be stuck with a copier that does not meet your needs anymore. The ability to upgrade gives you more flexibility to trade-in your copier for a newer model. It ensures high levels of performance to keep your business competitive. 
  • Technicians 24/7. When you avail of copier leasing services in Overland Park, you can give them a call if there are issues with your copier. They provide timely repairs and keep up.
  • $1 Buyout Option. Most leasing providers offer this $1 buyout option. A few extra dollars on your monthly remittance will give you the right to buy the copier for or only $1 at your term-end.
  • Ability to Add Features. Adding more features to your copier is not possible if you’ll buy it outright. Features such as the copier working as a printer, scanner, and fax machine are costly. With copier leasing services in Raleigh, this is more achievable and affordable.
  • Tax Benefits. Leasing your copier instead of buying has tax advantages. Each time you make a payment, you can deduct the entire tax amount as it would be a depreciable asset.
  • Fast and Free Delivery. Most leasing companies will offer complimentary installation and free training as standard. They’d deliver your copier at your doorsteps.
  • Risk of Ownership. Leasing also helps you avoid the investment of money into the asset. A lease is an off-balance item. 
  • Termination rights. At the end of the leasing period, you hold the right to buy the item and end the contract. It gives flexibility to your business.

Every business wants to make the best decision for their budget and needs. Everyone has to make decisions that can change their lives forever. Our point is: why tie up a large amount of cash when you could use that money to establish or grow your business?

Kindly take into account the most important things to your business. Look for a dedicated company that will ensure you get what you need for your growing firm. The right company will give you insights about what’s best for you, now and in the future. It’s your decision and satisfaction that will matter the most at the end of the day. Be wise enough. Good luck!