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A Comprehensive Guide to Office Copiers and Printers


Printers and Copiers play an important role in the office. Important enough that a broken printer or copier can delay meetings and work progress, not to mention that they cost a lot to maintain or repair. Most errors or breakdowns of machines are because of people who use them.


Printers and copiers are easy enough to use and understand, but when there is an error in the process, people tend to panic or get irritated. Do not worry, breathe in and calm down. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use your office copiers and printers.

How to Use a Printer

For printers, regardless if you are using a multifunction printer or a stand-alone printer, be sure that your device is connected correctly. Most printers are connected to a computer via a USB modem; Some newer models, however, can print from multiple computers provided they are connected on the same network as the printer. 

Most offices keep their printers on, but it would be best to check if it is on before printing anything. Another thing to check is if there is enough paper in the printer and if it is the correct size or thickness you need for your print.

On your computer, open the document you want to print. From the toolbar ribbon, click on “FILE” and then look for “Print”. You can also hold on to the ‘Ctrl’ key and then press ‘P’ for easier access.

The monitor will show you the printer settings window. Here, look for the correct printer you need from the drop-down menu, then configure the other settings based on how you will need your document. Choose how many copies you want to be printed on the “copies” section by clicking on the up or down buttons. 

In the settings section, you can choose to print all pages of your document by clicking “All”. You can also opt to print just the current page showing on the monitor or other specific pages of your document using the “Custom Print” option, then type the pages you want to print on the “Pages” section below.

The other printer property you can modify is the layout of your document. If you need the print to be in a landscape or a portrait orientation, just click on the drop-down button in the “Orientation” section. Paper size options are likewise found in another drop-down menu in the settings.

Click on the “Print” button once you are satisfied with the settings.

How To Use a Copier

Copiers, especially big, bulky ones used in the office, are intimidating. They seem to be confusing with all their buttons and configurations, but it becomes easy once you know what to look for and what to press.

Just like regular printers, you have to make sure that your copier has enough paper loaded into the paper trays. You should also check if it has the correct paper size you need for your documents.

Lift the top cover and make sure the glass is free from dust, dirt, marks, or leftover paper from its previous copying. Place a page of the document you want to copy face down on top of the glass. Close the top cover and modify the settings as you need.

Usual copier settings that can be modified include print color (black and white or colored), paper size, and the number of copies you need. Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can press the start button. Do not forget to retrieve your original document before leaving.

If you are going to copy a multi-page document, it would be best to use the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). It is a two-layer tray usually found on the top cover of your copier. The document stack is placed on the upper level of the feeder and automatically rolls each page of your document into the copier and stacks them back into the lower tray.


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Knowing how to properly use the office printers and copiers not only ensures you will be able to work efficiently, but it would also maintain a happy working environment for everyone in the workplace. You would minimize your time wasted in front of the copier or printer worrying if you press the correct buttons. In line with this, you also lessen the chances of the machines breaking down.